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Riga, Latvia Adult Vacations on the Baltic Sea
 by Universal Fantasies

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    Riga Latvia Adult Sex Vacations
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Well, it’s that time of the year again when you are pondering a vacation…so why not come to Latvia. Enjoy the ancient city with its hospitalities, absolutely stunning sexy women. Endless culture, adventure & unforgettable scenic tours, excellent cuisine, and fine liquors. Our beautiful sexy ladies are waiting.

We are a premium erotic vacation provider and cater to guests desiring the very best in services, locations, and exotic companions. We offer an entirely adventurous erotic experience in beautiful Riga Latvia, where everything, including beautiful ladies, beach resorts, and grand hotels. private homes, lakefront mansions, and jungle lodges with fine dining, unlimited beverages, tours, and endless expeditions, such as water activities including jet skiing, yachting, sail boating, deep sea fishing, and diving, are included in VIP Gold packages. Our vacations are private and each guest is catered to individually and not in a group environment.

Upon arrival to Latvia you will be met at the airport by our English-speaking representative and two of the hottest Russian girls you’ve ever seen. Depending on your arrival time, you will be given a brief tour of the city and then driven to either your 4 or 5 star hotel suite or a luxury, fully furnished apartment in the city’s old town center, which is definitely where all the action takes place.

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Universal Fantasies caters to gentlemen, single ladies and couples desiring and expecting the finest in vacation amenities, accommodations, dining/beverages and concierge services, as well as beautiful ladies in Latvia. We offer a choice of 0 stunning playmates for your day & night selection. You may keep or change companions daily. We can also provide male companions for you ladies. Explore and enjoy a most stunning and historical city in Europe where we provide an extraordinary sexual fantasy vacation in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. The city is alive and bountiful with architecture, eastern European culture, fine dining in exquisite restaurants and cafes, tranquil parks. museums and the renown Danube River. Our Prague location is an unforgettable sexual vacation in an unforgettable city that never sleeps. With countless open air bars, cafes, live music and hundreds of vendors selling everything you could imagine, and add some of stunning ladies and you have a true vacation fantasy. Limo and taxis to the beach are available from the city center and are included in our VIP packages. Your selected girls will be quite pleased to show you around and they all speak several languages, including English.

Regardless if it’s your first visit to this beautiful region or just one of many you will never enjoy it as you will on our fantasy vacations. Memories to last a lifetime! Prague is a world-class city, so why not enjoy it with world-class ladies?

Excursions such as guided jungle tours, golf, deep-sea fishing or diving, as well as yachting can be scheduled on location.

Are you ready to begin enjoying your life?

In Riga Latvia we cater to single men, ladies, couples and groups straight or gay seeking the ultimate fantasy getaway!

it is a city you will just have to see for yourself!  It’s your life enjoy it!

☺ For the health and safety of our guests our assigned clinics and medical facilities routinely screen and test our staff and girls for any sign of illness or infections.

  We provide a variety of global companions and while they may be from different locations, they are all stunning, elegant, and sexually catering. We offer girls from Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Italy, as well as France and of course, local Latvian girls…tall, fair-skinned classy, and cultured, eastern European women are recognized worldwide for their charm, sensuality, education, and beauty. Our girls are more than sexual, they are romantic and will provide you with an intimate girlfriend experience. They are festive and adventurous and will be your guide, dining & dancing partner, as well as your lover. Our ladies are attentive, catering, refined, etc. They are more than willing to share their fantasies and desires with you. Our ladies carry current health certificates.

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What do guests enjoy the most?

The simple answer is having sex anytime and anywhere with our beautiful women.

Upon arrival to Riga, you will be met at the airport by our English-speaking representative and two of the hottest Russian girls you’ve ever seen. Depending on your arrival time, you will be given a brief tour of the city and then driven to either your 4-star hotel suite or luxury fully furnished apartment in the city’s old town center, which is definitely where all the action takes place.

During your ride from the airport you will be shown photos of our girls and your selected companion/s will come to your apt. or suite and will be bringing bottles of your favorite wine, bourbon, cognac, etc. and a greeting you will never forget. Afterwards you can take your girl out on the town for dining, drinks, dancing at some of the many clubs, bars, discos and lounges. Our girls speak a variety of languages, including English and will be your tour guide and translator in making sure you have a most unforgettable erotic and pleasurable vacation in the stunningly historical and beautiful city of Riga.

Our manager and staff live in the city and are always available if you wish to change girls or inquire about any specific activity. While there are many things to see and do in Riga…it is your vacation and how you spend your time is entirely your choice. Your selected companion can come and go as desired or move into your suite or apt. with you in providing the ultimate girl friend experience. The city center offers an endless array of cafes, fine restaurants, bars, clubs, and a great nightlife. There are central parks, and winding streams for day or night strolls with your charming, intelligent companion. If you arrive in the winter you and your girl can snow sled, ice skate on the frozen river, or enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the countryside…or you could always just cuddle by the fireplace sipping hot cognac in your private apartment.  Enjoy a sensual vacation in Riga or in any of our global locations and reward yourself for your years of hard work.

A virtual romantic paradise, our inclusive Riga Vacation is a private, discreet hideaway and includes a virtual array of James Bond-style girls. With fine dining, the candles lit, and the champagne flowing…it just doesn’t get any better than this.    

More information about Riga, Latvia: Riga is a gorgeous city and one of the safest and friendliest places on earth. Latvia borders Russia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Its Baltic Sea coastline is astounding with numerous deserted pristine beaches and countless things to see and do. The coast, just a few kilometers from Riga, abounds with sidewalk cafes, fine restaurants, dancing lounges, open bars, live entertainment, and a beach walk with amusement rides, and vendors all leading to the beach. The city of Riga itself is the playground for the rich and famous Europeans, but retains its ancient charm. The citizens are welcoming and will go out of their way to befriend you and are always open to the opportunity to party with foreigners.

Upon your arrival, our multilingual manager will greet you at the airport in one of our limos with two of the hottest Russian women you’ve ever seen and after some drinks and a short tour he will drive you to one of our several luxury, fully furnished, private apartments or, if you prefer, to one of our luxury hotel suites, all located in the center of the city square. Become a Member and we provide you with your accommodation, hotel dining & beverages, and your choice of beautiful companions, which you may either retain or change daily. Your lady/ladies may come and go as you request or stay with you in your apt. or suite in providing the ultimate girlfriend experience. They speak English, some German, French, Italian, and Russian. They are elegant, stylish, festive, loving, sexually catering, enjoy dancing, and as your personal guide will be pleased to accompany you where ever whenever. Riga has superb restaurants, international cafes, excellent nightlife, stunning architecture, and a gorgeous beach and boardwalk that is only a 15-minute ride from the heart of Riga.

Upon your arrival our English manager will greet you at the airport in our limo with two of the hottest Russian women you’ve ever seen and after some drinks and a short tour he will drive you to one of our several luxury, fully furnished, private apartments or, if you prefer, to one of our 4 star luxury hotel suites, all located in the center of the city square.

Become a Member and receive a discount and more. You will have over 50 very stunning ladies to choose from and you may either retain or change daily. Your lady/ladies may come and go as you request or stay with you in your apt. or suite in providing the ultimate girl-friend experience. They speak English, some German, French, Italian and Russian. They are elegant, stylish, festive, loving, sexually catering, enjoy dancing and as your personal guide will be pleased to accompany you where ever…when ever. Riga has superb restaurants, international cafes, excellent nightlife, stunning architecture and a gorgeous beach and boardwalk is only a 15 minute ride from the heart of Riga. attentive and most speak English, as well as other international languages. There is nothing better than warm conversation and a muscle relaxing full body massage. Your selected ladies will be your ultimate girlfriends. With champagne flowing and a variety of exquisite meals prepared, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

*We are now offering promotional discounts, so book any vacation with a deposit or Gold Club Membership and receive discounts and additional bonuses. A greater discount is provided for stays of 8 or more days and groups of three or more persons. We do not require your exact dates when making a deposit. Once the deposit is received you will have an open itinerary and may use your deposit for any of our global services.*

Personal Companions

Once chosen, your fantasy girl(s) will serve as the perfect compliment to what promises to be an unforgettable adventurous vacation of the close kind!

Whatever your background, we think you’ll agree that there comes a time in life when one should reap the benefits of hard work and sacrifice, when one should take time to enjoy the pleasures so richly deserved. On our vacations, our clients are King, no work – no worry, just pure mental & physical pleasure.

Imagine the fun and excitement of being accompanied by beautiful girls in an exotic and tropical environment. Traveling alone doesn’t necessarily mean being alone anymore. Lying around the pool in the shade of a coconut tree, or strolling down the beach with a full moon highlighting your mood as you hold your beautiful lady close. Travel back to your private villa or house and relax as your smiling companion brings you your favorite drink while you let your mind wander.

Should you have any energy left after your feminine encounters, we offer extensive tours, long or short excursions, golf, scuba diving, big game fishing, water skiing, windsurfing, and horseback riding. We can also provide half and full-day power or sailing boat excursions. Any/all of our tours, etc. can be accompanied by your selected ladies and/or one of our knowledgeable guides.

A typical day in paradise starts with a little romance with your young sexy companion, an early morning dip in ouu pool, followed by a good breakfast. Then enjoy a long walk on an uncluttered white sand beach or do some deep sea fishing or snorkeling in clear water. It’s your vacation and how you spend your time is always your choice. With the sun now rising quickly in full view you consider your options and chuckle to yourself thinking briefly of the guys back home, wishing they could be here to see you now. Relieved for once that it is not you rolling into work on this beautiful morning or the one shoveling  snow off the driveway.

Just relax and enjoy as your fantasy girls pamper and cater to your personal wishes. Your ladies will enjoy doing whatever you have in mind. After all…it’s their vacation too. She will be pleased and eager to show you the beautiful beach city, join you on your excursions and dance in your arms as you burn away the nights at the countless lounges and dance halls. You may also change your companion/s everyday if desired…again…it’s your choice.

In Fortaleza guests may choose exotic excursions into the Amazon for fishing, animal viewing and visiting deep jungle villages where natives still live as they did 1000’s of years ago.

Our bilingual staff and ladies are knowledgeable, friendly and provide 24 hour a day service, so fill out the form, complete with your contact phone number, and begin your adventure. Fares are dependent on your requests, so please be as specific with your desires and budget.


As always, your privacy and discretion is assured.



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Membership entitles our members to huge vacation savings, VIP upgrades, Invites to Special Events, such as Beach Parties & Live Concerts, etc. and priority booking on any vacation available with Universal Fantasies, erotic, business, family, etc. anywhere in the world.


Our Gold Club Membership is $1,000 USD per year or $2,500 USD for 3 years and $10,000 USD for a Lifetime.

While Membership is very Beneficial it is not required to use our services

Details for our Lifetime High Roller Membership is posted further below

Members are not limited to any specific vacation or the number of vacations taken during their membership period.

As the world’s leading and largest provider of erotic services we have no real competition so if you expect the best book your vacation as a member with Universal Fantasies.

Gold Members receive priority of dates, one on one service, as well as VIP upgrades. As a member there are no time restrictions or limitations as to when you can schedule your vacation. Members may also bring up to 2 additional guests (male or female) to any of our member locations at the same discounted price, per person!

Members of the Fantasy Association shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of our worldwide organization dedicated to optimizing the global network of erotic vacations and services. Our world-wide services will be available to all members either through email or telephone without any additional fees or charges. Gold Membership provides priority of dates and locations of all available vacations over non-members and allows scheduling of arrival dates with only a 10-day advance notice. Members are also invited to attend any/all special events, including our wild beach parties and other festivities available year round in our global locations. They will also receive photos of our newest girls and updates on new locations.

Our lifetime Gold Club High Roller Membership is $20,000 USD and includes high roller package upgrades, use of our yachts and crews in our ocean front locations, special invites to beach and model photography parties and additional companions for bookings of 7 or more days, as well as a full 30% discount for group packages, such as business or bachelor parties. Membership allows members to bring up to 6 persons for the same discounted membership fare,

 BASIC MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE $2,500 USD for 3 years. You can cancel or renewal anytime.
 *While Membership is beneficial it is never required to use our global services*

What are the benefits of Membership?
1. A minimum 30% discount on the 1st vacation and a 25% discount on any future vacation for the life of your paid membership!
2. Locks in the lowest fare for the duration of your membership.
3. Members receive discounts on additional companions and excursions.
4. Provides VIP services, additional activities & tours, as well as upgrades and 1st choice of companions.
5. Members receive priority of dates with only a 14 day required booking notice once full payment is received.
6. Special invites for any/all beach parties, festive events, photo shoots, etc.
7. Better selections of dining and unlimited imported beverages.
8. Personal car & driver, dependent on vacation package and location.
9. Free golf. Weather and availability dependent.
10. Discounts of 25% or more on all extra activities, such as plane tours, diving, boating, ocean fishing, etc.
11. No penalties for required changes for dates or even vacation location. (based on package & location)
12. Membership allows you to bring up 2 friends for the same daily membership price, per guest.
13. In our Thailand, Boracay Island and Cartagena, Colombia Resort Members enjoy cruises with snorkeling equipment, food, beverages & their selected ladies on our *Party Yachts* for a 40% discount.
14. Members can also book companions in nearly every global city.
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*Bonus Travelers Digest Gold Travel Membership* As an additional bonus we are including a VIP Vacation Membership with Travelers Digest. The bonus membership will save you money on any/all global vacations, including family, business or leisure to any of our 60,000 available global resorts, hotels, etc. Included discounts for tours, adventure excursions and other global activities, such as diving, safaris, sailing and much more. As a member you will secure any available vacation and/or accommodation, etc. at the lowest possible rate. You may also schedule and book any available vacation with a minimum deposit and there are no penalties for necessary changes with an advance notice. Full payment is required for any/all vacations within a 60 day period.

*Our Membership services are discreet. We do not mail anything to your residence or office and all correspondence are strictly on-line or discretely by phone if you wish to call us we do not call you without permission. We do not sell or transfer any information to anyone for any reason. Our global services are totally private. Membership simply means you save money and receive VIP services and upgrades. It does not obligate you to any specific date or vacation location and you can schedule your arrival anytime with a minimum 14 day notice and full payment. Please note that you are not obligated to become a member to enjoy any of our services, but it is required for the lowest fares and upgrades. Whether you are a member or have made a deposit please remember that full payment is required for any/all vacations scheduled within 60 days. 

We will do our best to accommodate guests for their desired dates, but do ask that they book as far in advance as possible. Due to the nature of our erotic vacation services we charge by the day, not by the night. 

Our resorts and accommodations are private, safe & secured and we provide excellent services and the hottest international companions in the world’s most enjoyable locations.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by becoming a Gold Club Member. As a Member you will receive an open itinerary for scheduling any of our vacations. *While Membership is cost & service beneficial it is not required to use our vacation services*

It’s your life…enjoy it!

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