Thailand Adult Sex Vacations
by Universal Fantasies

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    Thailand adult Sex Vacations
       “Fantasy Nights” by Universal Fantasies


Bangkok & South Thailand, including Pattaya, Phuket, Patong & Phi Phi Dom Island

Thailand is the land of sun, surf and amazing girls

“The ultimate fantasy adult vacation”

Isn’t It Time To Treat Yourself To A Perfect Vacation?

Come To Thailand & Enjoy Our Fantasy Nights…..where Dreams Come to Life!

Fantasy Nights in thailand



Our tables Are Big Enough For four!

Discover Unlimited Beauty


Come & enjoy the fantasy that is Thailand. Our exclusive EROTIC and entirely fulfilling Vacation is one not to be missed and will definitely not be forgotten.

Thailand is open!

For a short time, we are offering up to a 30% discount on our VIP packages. Book now with a security deposit or Membership and set your own dates.

We do not require your exact dates when securing the discounted fares. You will have a completely open itinerary for scheduling your arrival dates with a minimum 7-day notice.

Private Jet Services are always available

For the health and safety of our guests our assigned clinics and medical facilities routinely screen and test our staff and girls for any sign of illness or infections.

Thailand’s perfect weather, the world’s most sensual women, fine dining, unlimited drinks, luxury resorts and private pool villas, personal cars, and drivers, deserted white sand beaches, tropical islands, festive nightlife, beach parties, endless excursions and so much more…are waiting for you.

“Adventure, culture & romance”

*In all of our locations we can also arrange for you to meet many women looking for long term relations and even marriage. Our global attorneys can help obtain Visas for your selected lady*

We also offer ladies and models in every major global city. Tell us where and when and we deliver!

Our adult services require a deposit. No deposit. No services!

In protecting the integrity of our business & our guests, fares & specifics will be promptly emailed or


*Click on the gold ribbon to submit an inquiry*

beachside luxury 

A lustful retreat of sensuality awaits each guest as they dive into the pleasures of unabridged fantasy, stunning sunsets, warm nights; cool ocean breezes; unlimited drinks, excellent dining, and tours of this remarkable section of heaven with your personal sex goddesses. In our resort, your girls take care of all your needs and will accompany you for dining, swimming in our large pools, walks along the beach, partying on our boats, and island excursions, and will even accompany you for a night out on the town. Enjoy the tranquil ocean views and stunning sunsets… stroll down our gorgeous beach with a cold drink and your playful kittens that will make sure you do more than just enjoy the deserted white sand beach. For those lazy times, you just might want to grab a drink and some snacks and lay around the pool. It’s your vacation and what you do is always your choice.

In our resorts, our boats, or where ever you go…your girls will be with you in making sure you never forget for an instant that you are the center of their world. In our luxurious resorts, we provide a wide variety of local and imported wines, beers, liquors, cocktails, and numerous other beverages; and for your dining pleasure, our chefs will prepare a culinary marvel from our extensive menu. Wine, women, sun, and beach…definitely nature’s song and life the way it should be!

If you have any remaining energy, we can provide many additional activities, such as an elephant ride in the jungle, or a game of golf at a remarkable course, or perhaps exploring the phenomenal islands around the bay on a private yacht. Guests can enjoy jet skis, power sailing, windsurfing; snorkeling, or even a most memorable dive in the crystal clear waters along some of the world’s best reefs. Or if you crave the thrill of hooking the big one, grab your girls; some booze, and snacks and we’ll head out for some deep-sea fishing. Our guests will also enjoy daily and/or nightly excursions in our party catamaran, where they will enjoy the ultimate pleasure with several girls, fine dining, and beverages of their choice. Lay around the deck of the catamaran and tan or do some snorkeling or diving, but whatever you do…you will do it in style with gorgeous women. In all of our locations, guests may enjoy the company of as many ladies as desired, as extra ladies are always available for additional fees.

Members receive our all-inclusive VIP package with 2 girls any day and night in any of our other international locations. While membership is very beneficial it is never required to enjoy any of our services and is offered only as a cost-saving incentive.

All-inclusive resorts, tropical beaches, jungle tours on elephants, personal cars with drivers, diving, deep sea fishing, yachting and your choice of sexy ladies…whatever you expect in a great vacation is definitely here in our Thailand Universal Fantasy Vacation!


In the South of Thailand lies a hidden treasure of white-sand deserted beaches, tropical waters, stunning islands, and some of the world’s most sexual and beautiful ladies. Universal Fantasies now brings you the absolute best of everything this stunning and friendly country has to offer. Thailand enjoys 330 days a year of perfect weather, unlike other more northerly Asian locations that often endure severe storms and typhoons, Our Thailand vacation location is south of the tropic depression zone, so our weather is near perfect year around.

Upon arrival at the International Bangkok airport, our guests will have several options; they can board a quick flight to Phuket or be driven to our Pattaya locations, their choice. Guests may also be accommodated in Bangkok where they will be met and driven to a 5-star central hotel or private condo. All guests will have a varied assortment of stunning girls to select from, who will be their lovers, dining, and dancing partners, as well as their guides in showing you the best of the exotic city, including its unceasing nightlight. You may also have the option of vacationing in Bangkok for the length of your vacation or choose to divide your stay by choosing to be driven by your ladies and personal guide to Pattaya or simply hop on a jet for the 40-minute flight to Phuket. Upon arrival in Pattaya or Phuket the guest will be received by an extraordinary welcoming party of stunningly attractive & sensual women; selectively picked from the most exotic regions of Asia and the world. Guests will then be driven to one of our several beach resorts or private villas for beginning a most sinful vacation.

What do most of guests enjoy the most? The simple answer is having sex anywhere & anytime with our beautiful women.

Thailand VIP vacations are all inclusive and guests have the option of our very sinful and adventurous VIP package or the more laid back non inclusie Standard package.

With our VIP packages you will be absolutely spoiled in your choice of luxury hotel or resort suite, or a luxury pool villa in South Thailand with fine dining and beverages and of course your daily/nightly selection of playmates.

For the best airfares to BBK (Bangkok), please check with your travel agent, as we do not provide or include airfares in our packages. We are available for assistance in finding the best flights..

Our all inclusive luxury VIP package offers many optional activities, such as “golf” with a personal coach, sail boating to the stunning islands of Phi Phi Dom and other tropical locales, as well as local tours to ancient temples, elephant jungle rides, water activities, such as deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, jet skis, daily massages, and choice of companions every day and night. Your ladies can move in with you or come and go as you wish. You may retain or change your sex kittens daily. Our ladies provide the ultimate girl friend experience, while catering to your every need.

Model and Super Model companions are available and can be flown in from around the world for additional fees.

Our VIP Gold Premium Package

  This inclusive package includes all transportation within Thailand, a private luxurious villa of your choice with all amenities, horizon pools, saunas, steam rooms, gyms, full staff, in-house chef dining prepared to taste. Unlimited private stock of beverages, including fine wines, bourbons, whiskies, etc.

Daily fares also include genuine Cuban Cigars,  chauffeured limos, yachts, planes for island tours, sporting and water equipment, and your daily/nightly selection of live-in ladies. Private helicopters and planes can also be arranged for additional fees. This premium gold package provides 2 of our hottest girls. Bi-sexual companions are provided for couples and for our female guests. In addition to our 200-plus girls we have 60 handsome male escorts for you ladies.

International flights are not included. Our spaces are limited, so please book as far in advance as possible.

amazing thailand villas

We are the world’s premiere adult erotic sex vacation provider catering to men, women, and groups desiring the very best in services, locations, and exotic companions. We provide adult vacations and escorts in 16 global locations…so if you seriously desire to enjoy your life, please don’t hesitate to book soon in order to obtain our discounts and an open itinerary for scheduling your arrival. Our vacations are private and catered to fit your desires.

We provide a varied assortment of private pool villas, 4 and 5-star hotels, and laid-back party resorts where every day and night is exciting. Endless tours and excursions, private cars and drivers, unlimited booze, great dining choices, and a non-stop festival of sexy ladies. Definitely the good things in life! What are you waiting on…you only live once!

In Thailand, we have 100+ stunning ladies, models, as well as a few young Virgins. Be the first to deflower one of these young enchanting virgins. Our girls are beautiful and wild…just like nature intended.

Age or physical handicaps of guests are never an issue.

More girls and more options from companions only
to all-inclusive luxury packages with endless excursions and activities!

*We also offer gay  & lesbian packages with or without companions and can provide lady-boys, as well*

“Whatever your nationality or language, we have you covered”

mehi 25 top thailand model

Our naughty girls will give you a fantasy massage you will never forget!

Our Thailand Beach Vacations are all-inclusive and there are no extra or hidden fees for all detailed activities, excursions, luxury lodging, dining, drinks, or your selected ladies. Our guests enjoy the finest suites in premium resorts with numerous amenities, pools, saunas, daily massages, satellite TV, well-stocked bars, room service, and world-class dining in our resort restaurants.

Guests may also choose to vacation in one of our many private luxurious villas and homes,  with personal staff, chef, etc. Our all-inclusive packages; also included sailing adventures to some of the area’s most glorious islands, diving, deep-sea fishing, partying with our ladies on our full in-suite catamarans, etc.

Your selected ladies will make sure you never have a dull moment and will be more than your sex goddesses; they will be your companion for nights of dancing, moonlight strolls on the beach, souvenir shopping, and whatever you may desire. And, of course, there’s always a day of golf at several world-class courses! It’s your vacation and what you do and how you spend your time is always your choice!

Our beautiful, festive, and sexually playful girls, between 18 and 26 years of age, will be eager to greet you and hope that you choose them for your companions, but it is always your choice. Members have 1st choice of any 2 escorts and all guests can keep or change their girls daily. Your selected sex kittens move into your large suite or for even more luxury your very own private pool villa, staff, and a chef, as well as a personal car and driver.

Your companions will also accompany you on tours and excursions, as well as being your lover, dining, and dancing partners.

*Girls 18 to 30 straight or bi, we have them all, including supermodels and several verified virgins*

We provide the world’s most beautiful ladies, FM models, starlets, nurses, teachers, and a wide variety of local and global women. Our companions are more than beautiful, they are stylish, festive, sexually catering, and carry current health certificates.

We can also provide many handsome and virile gents for you ladies!


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Membership entitles our members to huge vacation savings, VIP upgrades, Invites to Special Events, such as Beach Parties & Live Concerts, etc. and priority booking on any vacation available with Universal Fantasies, erotic, business, family, etc. anywhere in the world.


Our Gold Club Membership is $1,000 USD per year or $2,500 USD for 3 years and $10,000 USD for a Lifetime.

While Membership is very Beneficial it is not required to use our services

Details for our Lifetime High Roller Membership is posted further below

Members are not limited to any specific vacation or the number of vacations taken during their membership period.

As the world’s leading and largest provider of erotic services we have no real competition…so if you expect the best…book your vacation as a member with Universal Fantasies.

Gold Members receive priority of dates, one on one service, as well as VIP upgrades. As a member there are no time restrictions or limitations as to when you can schedule your vacation. Members may also bring up to 2 additional guests (male or female) to any of our member locations at the same discounted price, per person!

Members of the Fantasy Association shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of our worldwide organization dedicated to optimizing the global network of erotic vacations and services. Our world-wide services will be available to all members either through email or telephone without any additional fees or charges. Gold Membership provides priority of dates and locations of all available vacations over non-members and allows scheduling of arrival dates with only a 10-day advance notice. Members are also invited to attend any/all special events, including our wild beach parties and other festivities available year round in our global locations. They will also receive photos of our newest girls and updates on new locations.

Our lifetime Gold Club High Roller Membership is $20,000 USD and includes high roller package upgrades, use of our yachts and crews in our ocean front locations, special invites to beach and model photography parties and additional companions for bookings of 7 or more days, as well as a full 30% discount for group packages, such as business or bachelor parties. Membership allows members to bring up to 6 persons for the same discounted membership fare,

 BASIC MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE $2,500 USD for 3 years. You can cancel or renew anytime.
 *While Membership is beneficial it is never required to use our global services*

What are the benefits of Membership?
1. A minimum 30% discount on the 1st vacation and a 25% discount on any future vacation for the life of your paid membership!
2. Locks in the lowest fare for the duration of your membership.
3. Members receive discounts on additional companions and excursions.
4. Provides VIP services, additional activities & tours, as well as upgrades and 1st choice of companions.
5. Members receive priority of dates with only a 14 day required booking notice once full payment is received.
6. Special invites for any/all beach parties, festive events, photo shoots, etc.
7. Better selections of dining and unlimited imported beverages.
8. Personal car & driver, dependent on vacation package and location.
9. Free golf. Weather and availability dependent.
10. Discounts of 25% or more on all extra activities, such as plane tours, diving, boating, ocean fishing, etc.
11. No penalties for required changes for dates or even vacation location. (based on package & location)
12. Membership allows you to bring up 2 friends for the same daily membership price, per guest.
13. In our Thailand, Boracay Island and Cartagena, Colombia Resort Members enjoy cruises with snorkeling equipment, food, beverages & their selected ladies on our *Party Yachts* for a 40% discount.
14. Members can also book companions in nearly every global city.
15. Gold Club Membership is also valid for all of our global Swinger Resorts.
16. *A bonus Travel Membership in Travelers Digest, which provides global services & discounts on any/all vacations, business, leisure or family, anywhere in the world.

*Bonus Travelers Digest Gold Travel Membership* As an additional bonus we are including a VIP Vacation Membership with Travelers Digest. The bonus membership will save you money on any/all global vacations, including family, business or leisure to any of our 60,000 available global resorts, hotels, etc. Included discounts for tours, adventure excursions and other global activities, such as diving, safaris, sailing and much more. As a member you will secure any available vacation and/or accommodation, etc. at the lowest possible rate. You may also schedule and book any available vacation with a minimum deposit and there are no penalties for necessary changes with an advance notice. Full payment is required for any/all vacations within a 60 day period.

*Our Membership services are discreet. We do not mail anything to your residence or office and all correspondence are strictly on-line or discretely by phone if you wish to call us…we do not call you without permission. We do not sell or transfer any information to anyone for any reason. Our global services are totally private. Membership simply means you save money and receive VIP services and upgrades. It does not obligate you to any specific date or vacation location and you can schedule your arrival anytime with a minimum 14 day notice and full payment. Please note that you are not obligated to become a member to enjoy any of our services, but it is required for the lowest fares and upgrades. Whether you are a member or have made a deposit please remember that full payment is required for any/all vacations scheduled within 60 days. 

We will do our best to accommodate guests for their desired dates, but do ask that they book as far in advance as possible. Due to the nature of our erotic vacation services we charge by the day, not by the night. 

Our resorts and accommodations are private, safe & secured and we provide excellent services and the hottest international companions in the world’s most enjoyable locations.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by becoming a Gold Club Member. As a Member you will receive an open itinerary for scheduling any of our vacations. *While Membership is cost & service beneficial it is not required to use our vacation services*

It’s your life, enjoy it!

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