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Package: all-inclusive beach resort with company. See the below options for fares.

Guests: 1 man. (Couples, please add $600 USD a day to the selected package)

Dates: Open 2023. (discounts and open itineraries are secured with a small deposit)

Package fares and details are posted further below!

Deposits are negotiable depending on dates, length of stay, and number of guests. If your plans change let us know and your paid monies can be used for any of our global services with advance notice of a change.

Membership Details

Gold Membership is $2,500 SD for a full 3 years or $1,000 USD per year.

Become a member and receive premium upgrades, 1st choice of ladies, and a 30% discount on additional bi sexual companions and optional excursions. Membership, while beneficial, is not required to book our global services.

If you do not see a package you prefer, just let us know and we will do everything we can to design and price a personal package for you.

Members, groups of 3 or more and stays over 5 days receive an additional companion for any 12 hours, day or night.

Call us to discuss your vacation details and fares. Our global numbers are posted at the bottom.

To obtain your vacation total simply multiply the selected daily package rates by the number of guests and days and then deduct the posted discounts if paying a deposit.

Fares are per person unless stated otherwise.

Models provided in our VIP packages are flown in from around the world and are more than beautiful, they are sexually catering and speak English, Spanish and other languages, as well.

The 30% discount has been deducted from the below package fares. Members, groups of 3 or more and for bookings of 7 or more days receive a 30% discount and an additional girl for any 12 hours.

Discounts end soon, so pay a security deposit now. Come when ready!

Discounts apply to our VIP packages and will be secured with a prompt deposit or Membership. Paid funds can then be applied anytime towards any of our global services.

If becoming a Member or paying a se​curity deposit, deduct a 30% discount from the total cost based on length of stay, selected package and number of persons!

​Package details ​and fares!

Option 1: Our Platinum package with 4-star accommodations in a luxury hotel, beach resort, jungle lodge or private pool villa with staff, security, private drivers, fine dining with imported liquors and beverages of your choice is reduced to $2,200+ USD a day, per person. This is a VIP luxury all-inclusive package. There are no additional fees and tipping is not requested or required. All local excursions, such as, island tours, deep sea fishing and diving on a fully staffed yacht, playing golf on any of local courses with a personal caddy, etc. can be scheduled on location. The fares with only one companion is reduced to $1,800+ USD per 24 hour day. For each additional local companion, please add $800+ USD per 24 hours and $1,200+ USD a day for an international model. Additional discounts are available for stays of 5+ days and groups of 3 or more.

Option 2: Luxury package with special invites to our beach parties and cruises. The VIP luxury all-inclusive vacation includes your choice of a jungle lodge, 4-star beach resort suite, villa or private 2-bedroom luxury beach pool condo with catered or restaurant dining and beverages of your choice. VIP guests will also be provided with a 4-hour a day personal car and driver for tours and activities. The VIP fares also include your selection of one of our sexy girls each day and night. Guests may change companions daily. The all-inclusive fare is reduced to $1,800+ USD a day, per person. Add $800+ USD for an additional 24 hour bi sexual companion and $1,000 USD for a Colombian model companion..

Option 3: Standard inclusive package. Our standard package fare is now available for $1,000 USD a day, per man. for a stay of 7 days or more. Otherwise, the daily fare is $1,400 USD per day per man. This package includes your 4-star hotel with catered or in-house dining and beverages with your daily/nightly. A staff member with a car is assigned for airport transportation, local tours and to bring your companions, which you can change daily. Excursions, such as boating, deep sea fishing and diving can be scheduled and paid on location. Colombian top model companions can be included for additional fees. For a private beach villa please add $800 USD a day, per person.

Option 4: Non inclusive package includes a 4 star hotel suite and a 24 hour local English/Spanish speaking companion with airport transportation and an agent to bring your companions is $800 USD a day, per man with a 3 day minimum booking. Model companion are $1,400+ USD, per 24 hours. No activities, dining or liquors are included. Guests may change companions daily. Add $400+ USD a day for an upgrade to a fully equipped beach condo or beach resort with dining and drinks. Stays over 7 days is further reduced.

Option 5: for couples; For visiting couples we provide luxury villas, private beach homes, bungalows, 4 star hotels and suites in our inclusive beach resorts. We have a fine assortment of bi ladies for your daily/nightly selection, in which you can change daily. Fine dining and drinks of your choice are included. Tours, water activities,such as jet skis, boating, deep sea fishing and diving are available. Each guest is assigned a personal concierge and a car and driver. This package is $1,600 USD a day.




Email, call or text us for payment details! Our US numbers: +1(904)-626-7114

Billing Support Available on WhatsApp. +1(904-626-7114)

A deposit is required to receive open dates and discounts.

Due to the nature of our adult business, we do not accept credit and debit cards.

The deposit provides open dates and secures the posted discount.

We accept payments with a bank to bank wire or through, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin (USA Only). Details will be forwarded upon booking. We require a a minimum 20% deposit regardless of your dates, unless otherwise agreed. Our services are totally secure, private and discreet. We do not share or release your personal details to anyone for any reason whatsoever. We are an international company and our payment details will be emailed upon request.

Enjoy life in the sun on a tropical white sand beach with adventure and sensual pleasure in Costa Rica!

“We offer our VIP guests much more than luxury lodging & stunning ladies”

• VIP Services • Luxury Lodging • All local transportation with a private car & driver • Beach Parties & Cookouts • Fine Dining • Unlimited Beverages • Tours & Excursions • Deep Sea Fishing • Scuba • Snorkeling • Kayaking • Powerboat & Sailing Charters, Party Yachts • Jet Skiing • ATV & Jeep Safari Jungle Wildlife Tours • Mayan Ruins • Mountain Zip lining • Horse Riding • Plane & Helicopter Trips • Ancient Culture Tours, Shopping Expeditions…and much more! While we offer the above activities and excursions…how you spend your time is always your choice.


We accommodate our guests in a wide range of 4 star hotels throughout CR in 4 star hotels, jungle lodges, beach resorts and private villas based on customers desires.


We provide many dining options. Prepared by your companions, catered, dining in fine restaurants and beach cafes, or at inclusive beach resorts, etc.


Our VIP guests are provided unlimited juices, teas, coffees and alcoholic drinks including whiskies, bourbons, wines, imported and domestic beers, mixed drinks and more.


We have over 40 very sensual and stunning local and Colombian ladies for your daily/nightly selection in which you can change daily. Please note our VIP ladies are mostly models, dancers, teachers, students, etc. and not bar or street girls, so the fares are priced accordingly. They all carry current health cards and speak several languages. We cater to men, ladies, couples and groups.

Getting to Costa Rica

There are daily flights from most cities in the USA, Canada, Europe and other locales. The airport code is SJC. Visas are not required for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and from many Asian Countries, etc.

We have been providing inclusive adult vacation for 30+ years.

Thank you for your Costa Rica Vacation inquiry. While we can most likely accommodate your dates in our Costa Rica hotels, private beach villas and beach resorts, we do ask that you try and book iisas far in advance as possible to secure the fares and dates. We have many attractive ladies for your daily/nightly selection. We provide beach resorts, 4- and 5-star hotels, private beach villas and numerous jungle lodges, fine dining, imported liquors, wines, beers and beverages and a personal car/driver and guide are provided for our VIP guests. Special activities such as deep-sea fishing, jungle tours, white water river rafting, wildlife viewing and diving in bottomless lagoons, etc. can be added for additional fees and scheduled on location by our staff.

While our Gold Club Membership provides discounts, 1st choice of companions and other benefits, it is not required to use our global services. Membership details!

Fares are subject to change, so book early!

We cater to single men and women, as well as couples, and can accommodate group festivities, such as business and bachelor parties.

*For men and women seeking long term relations we can arrange for you to meet many stunning ladies or gents seeking long term relations and even marriage. Our global attorneys can help obtain Visas for your selected mate*

You may call us anytime on any of the posted numbers at the bottom.

Having been in business for decades we have provided thousands of vacations for men and couples around the world. We are not only the largest provider of adult services…we provide safe and festive adult vacations in the world’s most sought-after locations with the most beautiful women. We book our guests in resorts of choice…their choice…not ours. We accommodate our CR guests in the absolute best hotels and resorts in San Jose and in our beach and jungle locations. We rotate and change our companions throughout the year and guests have a varied choice of both local and international women during selection and can change them daily

From just a hotel and companion up to our most luxurious VIP all inclusive packages…we have you covered.

Our vacations are totally private and discreet, as we do not post or share any information about our guests.

The fares for all of our vacations have been discounted for an immediate booking. Our fares reflect the quality of our services, resorts, amenities and companions. You will select your companion/s upon arrival at your welcoming party. We retain over 60 stunning and sexual girls at all times, bi sexual and international girls are always available. All fees are per day and per person, unless otherwise noted.

Become a member and receive another 20% discount on additional bi sexual companions and extensive excursions, as well 1st choice of ladies. We are an international company and our bank details for payment will be emailed upon request.

Reserving your vacation

Reserve with a deposit now and receive an open itinerary and up to a 30% discount on any VIP package. Bookings of 4 or more days or groups of 3+ persons will also receive an extra 20% discount on additional bi sexual girls. Our company bank details for payment will be emailed upon agreement.

We do not require your exact dates when booking. The details and fares for your specif package is secured with a deposit. You can then make payments and when you have dates simply pay the balance and provide your flight details. We will greet you upon arrival and introduce you to several ladies meeting your criteria and take you to your selected resort, hotel, condo or private pool, beach villa, etc. Dates within 60 days require a minimum 50% payment.

Select your desired package, multiply the daily fares by the number of days and persons and then deduct the available discounts.

In our Platinum and VIP packages we take care of everything from the moment you arrive to when you depart. This includes airport transportation, hotels, resorts or pool villas, cars and driver, dining and drinks (including liquors, beers and wine, etc.) as well as providing you with ladies of your choice each day and night in all Thailand locations. Your selected girl/s stay with you in your lodging and will accompany you for dining, dancing and all activities. You may change girls daily. Water excursions, such as boating, sailing/jet skiing, fishing and diving can be scheduled on location.

There are no extra fees and tipping is not requested.

Package details and fares are posted below. To acquire the total for your vacation simply multiply the selected package rates by the number of days and guests and deduct the available discount if making a deposit

Our girls are mostly students, nurses, dancers, teachers and models, etc. We do not use the services of street or bar girls in our VIP packages.

“Please note that membership is never required to use any of our services and is offered only as a VIP incentive.” Membership is $1,000 USD for a full 12 months and $2,500 for a full 36 months. We also offer a lifetime VIP Membership with exquisite benefits for $15,000 USD. Membership is good for any/all vacations, erotic, business, leisure, family, etc. anywhere in the world.

Guests may change companions daily.

Our minimum stay is 3 days/2 nights and due to the nature of our erotic services we charge by the day, not per night. Groups of 3 or more and for stays over 7 days will receive additional discounts. For bachelor and other group stays please book as far in advance as possible.

Vacation fares for Couples, male/female, please add $400 per day, per couple to your selected package. Couple packages include a bi-sexual companion.

We do not list prices on our main site, as they are based on individual requests. We do our best to design and price our vacations around specific requests and budgets, so email us with specifics. Please note that we require a minimum 3 day stay and due to the nature of our services we charge by the day, not per night.

Costa Rica guests will book their flights to San Jose, SJO, airport code.

This is not a group vacation. Each VIP guest receives personal airport greeting, companions, private lodging with meals and drinks and a guide for tours, etc. Selected companions stay with guest or come and go as requested and will accompany guests on all excursions, if desired.

All payments will go toward your vacation and you may use your paid funds toward any of our global locations and packages.*

In Costa Rica guests have several choices of accommodations. For those seeking adventure in the jungle we book you in a lodge just a few minutes’ drive from the City and very near the Aztec Ruins. For those seeking beach and water activities we have several excellent beach resorts on stunning islands along the coast, most are a 20-minute drive from the main airport. Our jungle resort is located on 200 hectares of tropical paradise. We provide large air-conditioned suites with private balconies overlooking the jungle, an excellent restaurant, open pool bars and more. Each suite is equipped with high-speed internet. Guests may sail boat, jet ski, and enjoy fishing on the area’s large lakes, as well as jungle excursions. Excursions can be included in our VIP packages, or arranged separately at the resort.

All payments are made to our parent company. We accept, Paypa,, Venmo, Bitcoin and bank wire transfers. Once a deposit is received your booking and dates or open itinerary for scheduling your arrival will be secured.

Most anytime is an excellent time for any of our Caribbean locations, as the weather is good throughout the year.

We have many ladies in our Costa Rica location, while some may not be posted, as they ask seek not post their photos for personal reasons. You will select your companion/s from our sites or upon arrival. Your selected companions/s will stay with you 24 hours a day or come and go as you wish. Guests may retain or change them daily. Our stunning girls speak good English and are very sexually open to new experiences. We also have many stunning bi sexual ladies that play great together, so choose 2 or more. Companions will also accompany guests on tours and activities. Our girls are from 18 to 28 and all are healthy, catering, gorgeous and festive.

There are no age restrictions as long as guests are a minimum 18 years of age.

The average age of our guests ranges from 25 to 80 years of age.

Check with your local travel agent for schedules and airfares.

Packages may be customized to fit your desires and budget.

In our VIP packages everything, except airfares, are included with no extra or hidden fees and tipping is not required.

The below activities are available, but what you do on your vacation is entirely up to you!

Schedule of Available Daily Adventures. Guests may also make their own schedule.

Jungle Falls and Rain forest Medicine Workshop | Cave Exploration and swimming in several hidden pools.

Falls and Aztec Ruins | Basin Jaguar Sanctuary and Rain-forest river rafting through ancient caves.

Thursday: Archaeological Preserve Ultimate Cave Tubing Adventure | Lagoon Paddle Expedition.

Tribal Cultural Expo, Drumming, Dancing | River & Ocean fishing expeditions \ Diving on fully equipped boats with gear.

Activities may be arranged and booked at the resort or your selected hotel. Such as a day of deep-sea fishing and/or diving, golfing and other activities.

** Other available activities**


*Guests may also enjoy a cruise on our boats with your ladies. Drinks, snorkeling gear and lunch are included* An additional fee for up to a 6-hour cruise with your ladies is $500 USD.

Please note that we can provide many tours and excursions, but how you spend your vacation time is always your choice.

As that our vacations are all inclusive you will not need to carry very much cash. The US Dollar is highly accepted and there are ATM machines throughout the country. Our climate is warm with cool ocean breezes, so no heavy clothes are necessary. Bring 1 pair of reg. shoes, some sandals, long pants, some shorts, swimming attire, light shirts, sun glasses, sunscreen, bug spray and a floppy hat, as well as your toiletries and personal items. Medications should be in their original packing.

We provide adult services in 15 global locations and have been in business over 30 years. Our parent company Travelers Digest is one of the world’s leading tourism companies and was originally founded in 1968. We are also the world’s leading adult vacation service provider.

“We offer adult vacations and services around the world;*

If you would like to book or secure a future vacation or have additional questions, please email or call one of the below numbers in relation to your location.

Our spaces are limited and our discounts are ending soon, so please book as far in advance as possible.














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