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For the best sex vacations in the Dominican Republic, Universal Fantasies recommends Playboy Vacation resorts & especially their private villas.

Playboy Vacation has been offering erotic adult vacations in the Dominican Republic since 2014. They have a proven track record with over 100 positive reviews and provide their guests with the best accommodations in the DR.

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I just returned from 4 nights with Playboy Vacation, and  – WOW!  What a blast, and PV delivered better than my expectations in every way. I have traveled the world extensively, and rarely have even felt compelled to write a review.  After what Payton and his team offered and actually over-delivered, not reviewing this vacation would be a crime. I have to admit, their prices are higher than the other companies in the DR but the mantra “you pay for what you get”, could never be so accurate. After all, you get your own private villa, a full staff of 6 people, the best looking girls you have ever seen, all the top shelf liquor you can drink and meals that would give any 5 star restaurant a run for its money!

 K, now to the review. So, the fun started the moment I walked out of the POP airport.  After great instructions on where to meet, which were provided the week prior, I was greeted by Payton and his driver, and certainly not to be overlooked, a lovely (hot!) lady were all waiting curbside for me.  That was a surprise as I initially was to meet only Payton’s driver there and this attention to detail is only the beginning of Payton’s insistence on over delivering.  High fives exchanged, smiles on all our faces, a cold beer cracked, and we were off to what were an unforgettable 4 days and nights.  I’m still smiling and I’ve been home for almost a week.

 On the way to the villa, Payton had another surprise when we stopped and picked up another jaw dropping beauty who greeted me with a warm hug and kiss.  There I was 10 minutes after arriving in Puerto Plata sitting between bombshells, both smiling, happy to be there, and giving me attention like a long lost lover.  These women were gorgeous, classy, pleased to be there, and ready to party.

 I chose the Platinum Package for 3 nights, which includes a private super villa and the company of 2 ladies each day and night.  5 minutes after picking up the second lovely lady, we went through the gates to get to the Villa (felt great to know all on the website was actually what unfolded – it’s totally safe and private), and we arrived at a killer villa.  I’ve heard a lot about vacations in the Dominican Republic, and I can safely say nothing compares to the accommodations Payton lines up for you.  It’s a fully equipped villa, with 3 bedrooms, pool, patio, living room, fully equipped kitchen, and an excellent staff that takes care of every single need you could imagine.  Payton has put together a great team of chefs and servers, and the ladies are amazing in every way, and I felt at home and relaxed the moment I stepped in the door.  Cold beers or mixed drinks were offered up with hors d’oeuvres, and the fun times began.  

 A few words about the staff:  These guys don’t miss a beat.  They are there to take care of your every need, but somehow only there when you actually want them to be.  They anticipate when you do need something but are in the background when you don’t – perfect.  Just about the time you might think the drink needs a refresh, one is placed in front of you.  Just the time when you think a snack would be good, out comes snacks.  They have it dialed in.  The chef put out some food that was OUTSTANDING.  We had paella one night that was the best I ever had, and I’ve had some good paella.  Another night he cooked a shrimp pasta dish so good you couldn’t stop eating.  Full breakfast with eggs, pancakes, various meats, breads, etc.  I can’t imagine it being any better.

The ladies:  I’m sure I can’t convey in writing how great these woman are.  Yes, these girls know why you are there, but to associate them with prostitutes would be a huge injustice.  Simply, they aren’t.  Payton has created an environment where these women can come and meet foreigners, have fun, partake in excellent meals in a beautiful villa with great conversation, and yes, have sex with you – a lot of sex with you – more than you’ll be able to handle!  Unlike other vacations of this sort, where women go to their “job”, wait around until it’s time to “service” you, these ladies are there to be with you and are having as much fun as you are!  That’s the beauty of it all.  They will treat you like a best friend with a ton of benefits.  They drink with you, eat with you, hang out with you poolside, sleep with you at night, and all the rest of the fun you’d want is there in a big way too.  Payton has created something special for sure.  Treat these ladies kindly and with respect gents – they most certainly deserve it and they will reward you ten times over if you do.  

 The extracurricular activities:  OK gents, if all the above wasn’t enough, it all kicks up to a whole different level in the evenings!  Payton sets up contests with these girls, and to go all out, it was decided this contest was to be with not two, but four smoking hot chicas!  Gents, throw a hundred or two in the pot to get things revved up and you will get rewarded with a show like no other.  Nothing in the States or Canada even comes remotely close!  I won’t go into specifics on everything that happens in these shows, but if you’re thinking it’s just a ramped up sexy strip show – that would be a huge understatement – it goes WAY beyond that!  It will blow your mind guys.  We did the shows 3 nights in a row – enough said?

 Finally, Payton:  From the moment we first spoke on the phone I knew this man had it all figured out.  He is very honest and communicates directly with you. He is on top of every detail of your trip.  He replies back to emails within minutes. He is smart, genuine, a businessman, well-organized, and has an absolute insistence on excellence.   He knows hospitality, knows how to put it all together to create an unforgettable experience, and will accommodate whatever he can to make your trip the very best it can be.  He treats his entire staff including the ladies like his friends, but they also know he’s the boss, and they respect him and his business 100%.  Not to mention he’s just a great person and I’m certainly proud to now call him a friend.  Keep truckin Payton!

 My fourth night, by the way, was at the resort as I decided to extend one extra day and the villa was fully booked up.  The resort is perfectly fine, and I chose to spend the final night with one of the lovely ladies I had spent the previous 3 nights with.  I’d recommend, however, if you plan to spend some time at the resort and some in the villa, do the resort first.  Once you experience the villa, you won’t want to leave!

Gents, get out of the cold rain and snow, give Payton a call – you won’t regret it. Treat the ladies respectfully, they were all really wonderful women and deserve it, and you will not regret doing so. I’ve been trying to figure out when I can go back the day I left!  

A big thanks to all the ladies, the staff, and to you Payton!  See you next time – hopefully soon!

David Sigler 

Feb. 15-18 2023

The Platinum Package

Not even sure where to start. This was one of the best vacations/weeks of my life. Payton and his posse are awesome. All the info on the website, pics and the reviews are spot on.  I did a lot of research on this type of vacation and looked at a lot of places, websites, reviews, etc. I thought it was a little hard to believe and wondered what the catch was, or if it was even safe for this type of thing. The truth is it was incredible, safe, fun, relaxing…..just a completely ridiculous week with some ridiculously fun, sexy and gorgeous women.

 I talked with Payton a few times prior to arriving to arrange the down payment, discuss my tastes in food, drink…and of course women, and to answer any of my questions. He was great, very helpful, available and set up a great week for me. He emailed me pics and videos to help with my choosing… I said before, just ridiculous how fun, gorgeous and sexy these girls are. Anyway, I felt very safe and secure heading there, and was confident it was going to be a great time. He took the stress out of it so I could relax and just show up and have fun.

 His chauffeur was there to pick me up at the airport as discussed….he actually had 2 amazing girls with him. I guess the girls aren’t always with him to pick you up, but they were for me and I was hooked immediately…..absolutely incredible!! I was ready to take them both back home with me right then. It was a short trip to the private villa….very safe and was an awesome villa!!

 From that point on it was perfectly awesome. Payton was there, along with his staff, Joel, Jose, and dominican bruno, and of course the amazing girls. The food was made to order (as discussed prior to my arrival) and was awesome and plentiful. The food was fabulous and I was well fed the entire week. Drinks… as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted, again, made to order. From the time I got up in the morning (or sometimes early afternoon) to the time we wrapped up the party in the bedroom at night, I lived like a king!! If you are thinking about this, be sure to ask Payton about the nightly shows (depends on what package you do….but absolutely worth it). I’m not sure what else I could have wanted….except for it to never end….still trying to figure out how to accomplish that.

 The girls were just amazing as I have already said multiple times. They were all hot, sexy, fun, attentive, adventurous (bonus). They were very laid back and flexible…at times, we hung out, played, drank, talked, danced….a wonderful girlfriend experience. Other times, we just had some good old fashioned FUN!!

 I was actually very sad to leave, for obvious reasons, but also, because in a very short time, Payton, his posse, and the girls became like a family away from home. I’m a Surgeon and have a very busy work schedule, but I’m already trying to figure out when and for how long I can get back.

 If you’re thinking about this type of vacation, I urge you to do your research so you can be comfortable with your decision. Read about what its all about, etc. Go on blog sites, ask questions. Then, pick your location. I will forever be biased now. I have been to other “places” and this is hands down the best ever…..anywhere!! He is the best concierge I have ever had, and I left having made a good friend. 

 I will leave my contact info with Payton. He can offer this to prospective adventurers at his discretion. Time permitting, I can talk or email if you have questions.

 I was ready to go back….as I was getting on the plane to leave and that feeling has not gone away. I will go back to party with Payton, his crew and the girls.

 Just an absolutely incredible week with some absolutely incredible people!!!

 I owe Payton a huge thank you!!!!


March. 7-14

The Gold Package

By far the most professional company I’ve ever used in the DR. This organization is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the Dominican Republic and at all the resorts and if you want a proper VIP experience coupled with the best-looking girls, you must select Playboy Vacation.

 The key to their success is their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and their sheer drive for perfection. From their girls to the staff, to their Villas, to the activities, the food, the entertainment, everything was on point.

 I decided to take the Super VIP Package at one of their private villas and the second an ash would fall off my cigar and onto an ashtray, it would be cleaned up by one of the staff. I smoke cigars and Payton had my preferred Cuban cigars at the Villa. He brought them from Canada to ensure their authenticity. Everything he did was spot on. Drinks would never melt, beers would never get warm, food would never get cold, the staff was always attentive and the girls were all eager to please. Everyone was friendly, the girls were passionate and engaging and not on their cell phones like the other places I stayed at. Payton runs a tight ship and although he jokes a lot, everyone respects him and takes him very seriously. He went as far as to bring a DJ for my pool party and whoa, what a party. Imagine 5 girls drinking, dancing and competing for your affection in their bikinis. I will leave it at that.

I highly recommend Playboy Vacation for individuals seeking a luxurious and flawless adult vacation and especially recommend them for private groups. All I kept thinking is if my friends could see me now.

 I will be back Payton, and will bring the guys with me. I already told them, annual Vegas trips are canceled.

Jack. Long Island NY

Sep. 6-10 2023

The Super V.I.P.

Guys take my advice and fly into Puerto Plata. Do not go to Punta Cana! All the best Resorts, Playboy Vacation, Vikings, Charlies Angels, Blue Paradise are all located in Puerto Plata. The best looking girls in the DR are from Santiago and La Vega and all of Playboy Vacation’s girls come from those regions. Thats why Payton has such great reviews. He has the best girls from the best regions of the Island. This guy knows his shit. If you’re looking for a stress free vacation with the best looking girls in the Dominican Republic, then call Playboy Vacation and ask to speak to Payton. He actually answers the phone!


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