playmates retreat reviews

Playmates retreat is a brand new 5-star, oceanfront, erotic adult resort in the Dominican Republic.

For distinguished gentlemen and couples, Playmates Retreat only offers unparalleled oceanfront accommodations.

Their oceanfront villas are unmatched anywhere in the Dominican Republic and they offer some of the most beautiful companions in the DR.

Brand new opening! Playmates Retreat, Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

So, I happened to have a very good friend in the DR. He hit me up to come down and hang out at this new place he was introduced to. I was like hell ok I could use the vacay. When I got there he told me about this new place just launching and he knew the owner. I was like let’s check it out.

He called his buddy up to see if he had any places available to check out. Well, a big holy shit! I have been around a while and seen many really solid resorts. This place blew me away. It is restricted, I mean x-rated, comes with a driver, a chef, and a staff at my disposal, and goodness the oceanfront villas are the bomb. Stunning villas overlooking the Caribbean.

After meeting up I was like I’ll finish up my last two nights here if possible. He set me up in a large way. Gave me an oceanfront villa, 3 stellar hostesses, a driver, and a chef with staff. The ladies were top shelf!!! From the jump we had shots going and they had the music rolling and damn did they dance. They hang with you at the villa and do whatever you like. The girls are at your beck and call they stay with you the entire time. The night was nuts, just pure sex fun and no BS!

Like I said I have been to several places like this in the DR and this just bumped to the top of my list. Glad my buddy introduced me to this place. It’s true what they say, when you know, you know. Best vacation experience I ever had. Great service, sexy girls, ocean views, and top-notch service.

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